There is an Africa that most people never get to see

An Africa that knows nothing of cities, nothing of civilisation. An Africa where the sun beats down on endless expanses of bush and sand. Where water is more precious than gold. Where there are no fences to hinder the passage of animals. And where the only laws are those created by nature.
This is the Africa of GAVA EXPLORATIONS

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Tailor-made Adventure Tours

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A Safari Company like no other

GAVA Explorations goes beyond the traditional safari experience, beyond the usual game spotting. Way beyond anything you’ve previously experienced or ever expected to experience. Instead, GAVA Explorations take you deep in to the heart and pulse of Southern Africa. It’s an intense Africa Experience.


Safari Holidays to any African Destinations
  • Nambia
  • Victoria Falls
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Zanzibar
  •   Kenya
  • Tanzania

Tailor-made trips to anywhere in AFRICA

At GAVA Explorations, we offer tailor-made luxurious adventures throughout Southern and East Africa. Each bespoke itinerary is customised to cater for your own unique travel aspirations.

Surround yourself with beautiful views, panoramic mountains and feel rejuvinated.Encounter some of the most beautiful and unique wildlife in Africa.


No fixed timetables or ridged dates. Just the freedom to explore…

GAVA Explorations is owned and run by Heidi Dednam and Durr Ferreira both of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in the field to enhance your safari as operators and as conservationists.
GAVA Explorations offer privately guided safaris spanning 7 countries across Southern and East Africa. Our portfolio includes upmarket camping, as well as luxurious camps and lodges.

Heidi Dednam

Heidi Dednam has more than two decades of guiding experience, eight of which were in the Botswana Wilderness. First as a conservationist in which she is qualified, and later in the tourism industry. Top quality guides are rare breeds who are committed and dedicated professionals. The enthusiasm Heidi generates is a natural spin-off of her way of life. She is a born leader, combining experience in leading expeditions with a wealth of knowledge and excellent organisational skills. She can turn a good safari into a great safari through her exceptional and all-round skills. Cooking on the fire is a passion for her.

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Lichen walk, Mrs Wilhelm and I - Copy
Staff at Tinkas
Durr Ferreira

The success of your safari will depend largely on your guide. Durr Ferreira is well trained and is rich with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He knows Namibia and Botswana like the back of his hand and you will leave the region feeling that you have truly experienced the many treasures that are on offer.
Durr is known as the best bush cook in the industry and he produces wonderful meals on camping safaris. During his 15 years as guide he has led safaris in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania. Durr guides in English, German, Afrikaans and Dutch.

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